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Oil Cooler Fan



If you have a 2012 or newer model, please call me or E-Mail me before you order.
Please click on Video to see how well this kit works!


Oil Cooler Fan Kit 

  Harley oil coolers are great to have when you want to prevent your engine from over heating. Unfortunately, the only way to cool the oil circulating in your oil cooler, is to have a steady flow of air, flowing through it while your driving, at a steady speed. If your in heavy traffic or moving slow, air is not flowing through your oil cooler, so the oil cooler is not doing much to cool your oil. The solution to that problem, is to put fans on the oil cooler. Simply flip the switch to turn on the fans, so that they circulate the air when you are moving slow or stopped.  

  These are NOT PC FANS. These were specifically deigned for outside use in all kinds of weather condition. They are WATER and DUST PROOF. Riding in the rain is not a problem. The fans are 2 1/4 inches square and 1 inch deep and will fit behind just about any oil cooler out there. These fans are powerfull, use only 0.23 amps and put out a lot of air. 


  The kit comes with 2 fans, switch and all hardware and instructions for installation. The picture of the oil cooler is just to show how the fans fit on the cooler. The fans mount on the back side of the oil cooler and are not visible from the front




These fans have the IP54 rating and are designed to perform in environments subject to a wide variety of dust, moisture, and direct water exposure. Potential applications include use in outdoor security cameras, control equipment, medical equipment and emergency vehicles, field and ground support equipment and indoor/outdoor cooling applications where dirt, grime, water and high-humidity extremes exist. 




There are 2 versions of this kit. A Manual version and Automatic. On Manual version, the fans are turned on and off with a togle switch. You decide when you want the fans to come on and off.
The Automatic version works off a Temperature controlled switch. There is a temperature probe that measures the oil temp. and the fans turn on and off automatically. The switch has a temp setting of 180F to 250F. You decide at what temperature you want the fans to come on. Once set, the fans come on and off automatically.
 Please note that on the Automatic version there is a kit for Twin Cam and Evo. Please select the one you need, as they are not the same.

Before ordering, please make sure you have at least 1 inch of clearance between your cooler and frame/voltage regulator.

Any questions or comments, please let me know.


Manual Oil Cooler Fan Kit
Free Shipping in the U.S. Please E-Mail for shipping quote outside the US.

Manual Oil Cooler Fan Kit, Touring Model
Free Shipping in the U.S. Please E-Mail for shipping quote outside the US.

 Automatic Oil Cooler Fan Kit, Twin Cam 
$115 Free Shipping in the U.S. Please E-Mail for shipping quote outside the US.

Automatic Oil Cooler Fan Kit, EVO 
$115 Free Shipping in the U.S. Please E-Mail for shipping quote outside the US.